East Central Grain Marketing Inc.

East Central Grain Marketing Inc. has been operating since 2001. It is a family owned and operated company that aims to provide its customers with liquidity in the commodities market. Our clients include: Elevators, processing plants, livestock producers, farmers, freight companies, and many more. ECGM does the work necessary to best benefit all parties involved in the trade. If necessary we will secure delivery arrangements. ECGM is committed to fulfilling your trading needs efficiently and cost effectively.


East Central Grain Marketing Inc.

4800 South Louise Ave

PMB #425

Sioux Falls SD 57106

Office: (605) 339-8975

Dan Stommes

Owner / Trader

(605) 321 - 4719


Zach Herschman

Assistant Trader / Logistics

(605) 951 - 4655


Jon Dosdall

Assistant Trader

(605) 321 - 2069